How to delete fbs account? this is the solution

How to delete fbs account

Before we decide to delete the FBS account, of course there is a reason why we should delete the account because it is impossible for us to just delete the account, moreover the account is very valuable to us, the purpose of trading is to pursue the maximum. profit in a short time together in the forex industry. good strategy and analysis to avoid losses while busy trading. In investing mt5 webtrader on the basics of a buyable product, the trader will focus on market conditions.

Therefore amysite will discuss how to delete an FBS account, and what are the reasons because we want to delete or close the FBS account.

Can FBS account be deleted?

FBS accounts and personal data of users still cannot be deleted.

Users can only archive their accounts by passive or active methods.

So a trader is not a person who is too indifferent to the performance of a company's stock, but as long as the market sentiment for the following company is positive, he will buy the stock to immediately sell it back.

That's because compared to investors, the transactions made by traders are mostly in the form of short-term live charts with much greater frequency. Traders who are too proficient can enter all types of markets, be it commodity stocks or futures spread indicators

There are many reasons why some FBS clients delete accounts and then re-register, because but not all of them can be accepted by FBS, because they do not meet the existing requirements and procedures, No transactions for 3 months archive This is the fastest way to deactivate your FBS account ie no there is a transaction for 3 months. If you are very new and new to forex trading, you should open a demo account before starting actual forex trading. Then, how? see the following article

Understanding Various Forex Indicators.


At FBS broker each client can only have 1 Personal area or 1 email, because with 1 personal area you can open up to 60 trading accounts, read more in 10 FBS Trading Accounts of Each Type.

Deletion or closure of an account must have a clear reason, for example, such as:

Forgot FBS email.

Change FBS Group.

And several other reasons that are considered quite important.

This is solution How to delete fbs your account

Please note, not all of these requests can be approved by FBS based on how important the reason for the deactivation is.


No transactions for 3 months (archive)

This is the fastest way to deactivate your FBS account, i.e. no transactions for 3 months. If the account has no transactions for 3 months, the account will be archived. And to view your account archive, you can directly access

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Send an email to support FBS

Please send an email to with the format:

Subject: Disable old private areas in your email

A. Full name (According to the name in the new personal area)

B. Personal area account number and old email (if you forget to leave blank)

C. New account number and personal area email (only one account number)

D. password

e. Explanation (Why do you want to use the new private area)

F. Upload a scan/photo of your KTP and a photo of you holding your KTP on the front (Selfie with KTP) in the “email attachment file” section

G. After sending the email, please enter the verification section, please enter all your data in the verification column, and upload your ID card in the "select file" section

Or you fill out the deactivation form on the FBS Account Open page.

This process can take the longest up to 2×24, please wait until there is a reply that the old FBS account has been deactivated.


You can upload/verify your new FBS account with the SAME DATA as before, must be underlined, Email and Mobile Number MUST BE DIFFERENT from the previous one.


Another name for FBS


Financial Broker Success

FBS Indonesia

FBS Markets Inc.

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Those are some ways to delete your FBS account, amysite only provides information and news that amysite knows, so if there is any incorrect or inappropriate information please comment below, I hope this information is useful for you, especially as a solution for those who want to delete or disable your FBS account.