How to Trade Forex on FBS for beginners and professionals

Trade Forex on FBS

How to Trade Forex on FBS ?

Amysite - FBS is the broker of choice for forex traders thanks to its many interesting features. Through this application, you can have the opportunity to get abundant profits. But behind the advantages offered, forex is also very risky. Well, to minimize losses, here's how to trade forex on FBS.

The value of the currency traded always changes periodically. Therefore, users should have the principle of "buy low, sell high". That is, you should buy forex when it goes down, and sell it when the price goes up.

You can carry out the buying and selling process through the FBS market. One of the advantages of using FBS is that the registration process is beginner-friendly. You can also deposit and withdraw through local Indonesian banks.

Check out the following information so that you better understand how to trade forex.

FBS as a brokerage company that has been operating in various countries in the world for many years, provides a user-friendly web for transactions. This certainly makes it easier for those of you who want to transact safely. If you want to know how to trade on FBS, maybe this article can help you. However, before going into the discussion, let's first discuss the advantages of trading using FBS.

Advantages of Trading on FBS

You will get a lot of bonuses. If you make a deposit of 100 US dollars at FBS, you have the opportunity to get a hundred percent bonus so that you can use it to increase your trading capital and provide financial resilience in forex transactions.

You will also often find special agendas organized by FBS which aim to attract new users to join FBS. One of the usual agendas is trading competitions. It's done all over the world, often on FBS anniversaries.

How to Trade Forex on FBS

1. Register an account on FBS

To be able to make transactions through FBS, first register on the FBS official website to get an MT4 account number and password. When registering, choose one of these account types: Cent, Standard, Micro, or Zero Spread.

2. Make a deposit

The second step is to provide capital to the account that has been registered through the various payment systems provided. As a beginner, we recommend that you deposit as little as possible to minimize losses.

If you are already proficient, don't be in a hurry to add big capital because there are still next steps that you must do first.

3. Downloading the MT4 app

The MT4 or MetaTrader 4 application is indeed needed for online trading. Here, you can monitor forex price movements in the market.

Download the MT4 apk on the Play Store after selecting a broker and registering an account. Next, login by entering your MT4 account number and password that you got when you registered with FBS.

4. Using a demo account

Currently, many brokerage services already provide demo accounts for beginners. Its function is as a learning medium for real forex trading.

You need to know, trading applications are not as easy as the social media apks you usually use. There are many terms and symbols that you should understand. With the simulator, you can better understand the stages of forex trading.

Make the most of the demo as if you were actually trading. (Also Read: Trading Application Used by Doni Salmanan)

5. Start practicing while learning

Continue the trading process with a real account. However, provided you really understand how this investment works in detail. Master forex knowledge from basic to advanced, starting from studying market characteristics, risk management, technical analysis, and others.

Once ready, open orders with larger volumes, trade as many lots as needed, and make a lot of profit. Hang out with traders often because knowledge from experience is better than theory you read.

Forex trading does require a lot of preparation before jumping in, commitment and discipline, as well as the latest forex news updates. So, apart from learning to trade on FBS, you should also always upgrade your general knowledge.