This is the correct way of forex trading for beginners

This is the correct way of forex trading for beginners

How to Trade Forex without Capital?

Amysite | This time I will try to share tips and how to trade forex without capital to get 140 dollars or approximately two million with a mechanism like this.

We will be given a virtual capital of 140 dollars, then we can use this for trading. So if we can get a profit of up to 100% of 140s Dollars. We can pull the process back into trading capital or use it for other purposes because the money is really real.

How to Trade Without Capital with FBS

So this time the way to trade forex without capital is to use the FBS trading platform application. Where there is a bonus level promo earlier which provides an opportunity for us to trade with a demo account but we can withdraw the profit if we successfully meet the applicable terms and conditions.

A little acquaintance with FBS

For those of you who don't know FBS, it is one of the largest trading platforms with more than 17.000.000 traders from all over the world, more than 150 countries and more than 60 awards from various regions. FBS also provides various types of trading instruments such as precious metals, Global stocks and so on.

This forex broker continues to innovate to this day. By the way, FBS is also a partnership with a giant football club, Barcelona, ??so of course it is reliable. Okay, maybe FBS can be a solution for some of you.

In my opinion, the bonus level promo offered by FBS is really suitable for those of you who currently want to start trading. But still do not have the capital at once.

This is a great opportunity to hone our training skills. my friend will immediately try trading without a deposit. Okay, let's just try trading without capital to get two million rupiah from FBS.

Start Trading Without Capital at FBS

The first step is to be able to trade forex without logging in first to the FBS website. If you haven't registered with FBS, you can register first, the steps are easy. Just follow and can be completed easily. Okay, let's say we already have an FBS account. So, here I will just login directly using email.

After successfully logging in, we will immediately open an account first. So we will use this account at the beginning, to later accommodate the profits that have been obtained from the demo account. when we have managed to get the profit of approximately 140 handlers.

Just open the account. Here is the standard account information. Save this account information for later we login to our trading account.

Now we will go directly to the personal area. Now we want to claim the bonus. The trick is, you go to the bottom of the application scroll. there is a level up bonus information.

You can learn more then you will enter the level up bonus promotion page. you can read about the bonus level. So more or less later you will get 70 trading dollars.

Virtual Money Winning Strategy Becomes Real at FBS

Now, we will discuss what strategies must be prepared to win the challenge or promo or FBS virtual money so that it becomes real money.

In order to get the results, so definitely the first, have to trade every day. Need to start forex trading again.

The second strategy, because the number of lots we have to achieve is five lots but we can only open 0.01 positions in one fund transaction. The number we can open is only five positions.

Here I will immediately maximize everything. I immediately opened five positions with 0.01. So we immediately get 0.05 who are active in trading. This goal is so that we can quickly reach the target.

The third strategy, I will start trading to be able to reach the profit target of 140 US Dollars so that we can get the bonus and we can withdraw the money which is real money or real money. For how to trade on FBS, you can follow the instructions directly in the application.

So that was how to trade forex without capital on FBS. You can download the application on your phone. Make sure you follow the instructions so you can get two million real money converted from virtual money provided by FBS.


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Bonus $123 Free No Capital

As a fully regulated broker by CySEC and IFSC, FBS offers an incredible “$123 Free No Capital” to all new clients from Indonesia. Clients have a week to use these funds and make a profit!

Free Capital $123 from FBS

Traders are required to open a free account with no capital to receive funds. This bonus does not require confirmation of personal details or the like. After seven days of trading, the free funds and profits made will be transferred to the “unlimited” account.

Please note that profits cannot be used for trading and can only be withdrawn after trading the required lots: “Number of lots x 3”. This means that you should trade 1 standard lot per $3. As soon as the free capital account is closed and the unlimited account is opened, the calculation of profit withdrawal will start.

Example: If you made a profit of $90, you would have to trade 30 standard lots to withdraw it. Clients who do not trade according to conditions can still withdraw profits based on the number of lots traded.

Clients can claim profits on the first day of every month after fulfilling the required conditions.

How to get $123 Free Without Capital from FBS:

Just go to your personal area on the official FBS website. On the relevant page, open a $123 Free No Capital account, receive free funds and trade for 7 days. Then, fulfill the conditions required to withdraw profits.


This promo is only offered once per client.

ECN accounts are not accepted for this promotion.

During the promotion period, internal or external transfers are not allowed.