When is the Right Forex Market Hour or Trading Time?


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When is the Right Forex Market Hour or Trading Time?

AmySite - Good and precise forex trading hours and times Forex trading is a very dynamic business and investment due to the fast movement of money around the world. Since forex trading requires you to transact in international money markets, you must understand the trading hours, or times at which certain forex markets are open for trading. Traders around the world have their own time zone, so the trading market is open 24 hours. However, in these 24 hours the markets that are opened are different, so traders must also choose wisely which one is suitable for them.

Currently, there is no definite formula for determining which market provides the greatest profit potential, because it all depends on your characteristics as a trader, the strategy you use, your trading goals, and various other factors that are difficult to predict. So, it's good that every trader can apply the best general strategy every time they trade, so that they can determine the right time to trade. By determining the most appropriate transaction hours, your chances will be even greater.

Forex Market Time (Market Hours)

We must know that forex trading time is divided into several sessions. They are the Sydney Session, Tokyo Session, New York Session, and London Session. There is a sizeable time difference between the Sydney (Australia) and New York (America) sessions. That is about 16 hours. So with this division, the forex market seems to never sleep.

For clarity, we can divide the forex market time by session as follows:

Sydney Time

  • Opening hours

EST at 17.00 (PM)

GMT 09.00 (PM)

  • Closing hours

EST 02.00

GMT 06.00 WIB

Tokyo Time

  • Opening hours

 Estimated 07.00 (PM)

 GMT 12.00 (PM)

  • Closing hours

EST 04.00 WIB

GMT 09.00 WIB

London Time

  • Opening hours

Estimated 03.00 WIB

GMT 07.00 (AM)

Closing hours

EST 12.00

GMT 15:00 WIB

New York Time

  • Opening hours

EST 08.00 (AM)

GMT 12.00 (PM)

  • Closing hours

EST at 17.00

GMT 09.00 WIB

It should be noted that when America imposed Daylight Saving Time (DST), forex trading hours were shifted forward by 1 hour. Likewise if there are important events in the economic calendar. DST is usually enforced between March-November with a different date each year.

Knowing Forex Trading Hours in General

Trading hours is a basic insight that even novice forex traders should know. While you have 24 hours to trade, you have 3 options for trading markets, namely:

European Market (Europe Market).

This market covers about 39% of all the world's financial markets, and several European countries themselves are also known as financial and banking centers such as Switzerland, United Kingdom and Luxembourg, so it is not surprising that this market is hunted by experienced traders, international traders and investment class players. . snapper with big capital.

Asian Market (Asian Market).

The Asian market also includes a large number of financial markets, and many traders trade here. This market is open in the morning from 4.00  to 14.00 WIB, with the two most popular times being 6.00  for the Tokyo Open and 07.00  for the Hong Kong Open, thus providing the right time for traders to trade in these markets. world attracted by the Tokyo and Hong Kong markets. Currently, what Asian traders tend to choose is the Hong Kong market, because the Asian investment world is heavily influenced by China, which is currently the new prima donna for the investment and business world.

United States Market (US Market).

Trading hours for the American market are probably the most comfortable for Indonesian traders, because they start at 19.00  to 3.00 WIB, aka outside working hours (so that you can concentrate more on trading if you have other work). The American market is also quite potential because it covers about 19% of the world's financial market, plus it is based on the Dollar currency which has a high exchange rate and is accepted almost all over the world, and is based in New York which is a city of business and commerce, so it is very active.

This difference in the opening and closing times of each market allows the trading market to be open 24 hours, serving traders from different countries. Knowing each of these trading hours will help traders determine the right trading strategy and timing. In addition, the difference between market open and close times also helps traders in different parts of the world to make transactions that they find most convenient and easy to do.

Common Tricks to Take Advantage of World Forex Market Trading Hours

You may have your own considerations in choosing the right time to trade, but if you are dealing with the opening and closing hours of the trading market, you should also have a benchmark strategy to determine the best choice in trading. Here are some common tricks to take advantage of the difference in trading hours for maximum profiting optimally in the trading market:

Choose trading days in the middle of the week, which is around Wednesday and Thursday. These are the busiest times in the trading market where the movement of money around the world is very active, with many changes and of course the possibility of making huge profits. The price of pips in the middle of the week is also usually much higher, so you have more potential for big profits.

When selecting a market, choose the trading hours when the market is busy or busy (each market has different peak hours). You can have the opportunity to make big profits by taking advantage of the rapid movement of money, especially for those of you who like aggressive strategies that are risky but give quite a lot of 'reward'.

Choose the busiest market for fast and aggressive transactions like the European market. This market is one of the most liquid with high volatility, so it is the right time to trade for those of you who really want to dive into the turbulent currents of a very active market.

Choose a time when overlapping occurs. This gives you the opportunity to make a profit because overlapping means high money movements and gives you an advantage with a faster and more aggressive strategy.

Be sure to follow the news before your preferred trading time opens (you can follow world developments on the news pages provided by various quality brokers). This will more or less give you an idea of ​​what steps you should take next when the target market has opened and you have to choose a strategy.

Most tips on choosing the right time for trading give the possibility of two profitable strategies based on market time: between using a 1 hour strategy (one hour strategy) or a 4 hour strategy (four hour strategy). You can choose which one is the most appropriate to achieve your trading goals and realize the trading strategy that you feel is the most appropriate.

Conclusion: The Importance of Knowing Trading Hours

Best Forex Trading Hours

From the exposure of the trading schedule and the characteristics of each session, we can conclude the best time to trade forex. Namely:

 The European session is the busiest and busiest time of forex trading.

 The overlap of the two sessions will lead to forex trading hours with increased market volatility and liquidity. Then you can take advantage of the opportunity to profit in a short time.

 The most crowded forex trading is done in the middle of the week. That is on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Meanwhile, forex trading times and hours that are less suitable for trading are:

 The Asian session is a less favorable time for aggressive traders. Because the volatility and liquidity is low. The movement also tends to be slow in terms of price for this session.

 On a Saturday morning when the market is about to close (after the American market afternoon session). Some traders choose to stop their transactions so the market will be very quiet.

Apart from that, other events such as the Football World Cup can also have an impact on trading as the market is quiet. Because, the attention of traders will shift.

Knowledge of trading hours in each forex market is not just to provide practical information about when you can trade according to time zones. This insight is also important for those of you who make transactions with a purpose, for example having a certain benchmark amount of profit you want to achieve before you decide to stop trading, or having a certain amount of profit you want to withdraw from a certain market. In addition, you can also determine the most appropriate strategy according to your transaction style.

When you decide to start trading forex, make sure you know immediately about the difference between trading times and market opening and closing hours, especially if you are targeting a particular market that you feel is more suitable for your strategy and personal goals, for example wanting to trade in the Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Hong Kong markets. Sydney, or London. Make sure to make good use of trading hours to launch your forex transactions wherever you are.