On Line Buying And Selling – Access Worldwide Markets At Your Fingertips

On Line Buying And Selling – Access Worldwide Markets At Your Fingertips

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Set your sight on buying and selling horizons that stretch from Europe to the U.S. and Asia. Access securities and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in only a few clicks.



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Our Wealth Lending Facility is an overdraft facility acquired against monetary assets held with, and

desirable to the Bank up to a percent of their winning market price.

Collateral Type

Indicative Loan to Value (LTVs)*

Subject to portfolio concentration caps


Up to 70%



Up to 80%


* The LTVs above are indicative handiest and are challenge to immediately alternate by using the Bank at its sole discretion.

Your available credit score limit beneath this facility will be decided based totally on a variety of factors such as the

form of financial assets you operate as a safety pegged collectively with its prevailing marketplace value and the

concentration of the monetary assets inside your portfolio held with the Bank. The credit restriction to be had to

a Borrower is situation to the Bank’s inner assessment and valuation, and can be reviewed once in a while.

Loan to Value (LTV) + Security Margin (as described in our Bank’s Investment Product Terms) = Market Value

(a hundred%)

To discover more about your equities holdings’ Loan To Value (LTVs), you may both refer to the LTV columns

to your portfolio or touch your Relationship Manager.

Leverage risks

Depending on marketplace situations, the price of your collateral can also fall. You can also then be known as upon

to “pinnacle up” your account via extensive quantities or to pay off your great credit centers at

quick word. If you fail to accomplish that, the Bank may also should liquidate your collateral at a loss to

repay any quantity extremely good and you would be answerable for any amounts nonetheless owing ultimately. It is

important to observe that Wealth Lending can also amplify investment losses.

Interest rate risks

The hobby charge of your credit facility may also boom, resulting in a better interest price

amount for the facility.

Foreign alternate dangers

Your credit score facilities can be concern to additional forex risks if they're taken in a

specific forex apart from that of your collateral. If the exchange charge moves towards you, the

repayment amount of the facilities can be affected.

Change in credit score Loan-to-price (LTV) ratio

LTV ratios are subject to periodic assessment and may trade within a quick time frame. When the

LTV of your collateral is reduced, you'll want to have enough liquidity to repay your

extremely good credit score loan or pledge additional collateral as safety for the credit facility.