SaxoTraderGO : The Future of Online Trading Market

SaxoTraderGO the Future of Online Trading Market
SaxoTraderGO the Future of Online Trading Market | This morning, Saxo Bank released their most recent service innovation, which is called SaxoTraderGO. The new service allows customers to trade using any device (iOS as well as Android) by using Apple Pay and Google Pay that are available now to customers in UK, Sweden, France, Belgium, and Norway following their introduction to customers in both the United States and Australia last year. We talk to Thomas Sorensen, Chief Product Officer at Saxo Bank about how SaxoTraderGO was made and what it will mean for their existing customers as well as potential customers looking for online trading.

Effect on exchanges

The month of June was when Saxo Bank announced that its online platform will shut down in 2022. In their report, titled Rethinking How We Trade Saxo Bank said it will end all trading operations on the existing stock exchanges and will offer its clients a new service which is a trading platform called SaxoTraderGO. 

Existing institutional customers will gain access to SaxoTraderGo without cost until 2022. What does that mean to you? Here's a brief overview of the ways SaxoTraderGO can change the way we trade. We in 2011 forecast SaxoTraderGO would change the stock exchanges, bringing down costs while making trades more efficient and speedier. 5 years on, nothing has changed in the markets for stocks. There are still huge charges for trading, slow order execution times, old user interfaces as well as outdated security systems. But all of these problems can be resolved with SaxoTraderGO.

The impact on brokers

Saxo Market has almost single-handedly revolutionized what was previously an industry that was stale by leveraging technology to make trading online simpler as well as more effective. The ability to access on-the-go with low commissions and the ability to customize are the main reasons for Saxo's popularity with customers, and it's not going to disappear anytime soon. In 2022, we expect that brokers will have to offer more competitive rates to be competitive for business. 

This is good news for traders who will enjoy reduced commissions and fees, as well as more efficient service as a result. This is also good news for smaller brokerages that might be unable to compete with larger companies but will succeed if they concentrate on providing top-quality customer service or specialized products. For as long as there exist markets and competition, there will be and expect new ideas from big and small companies in the years ahead.

What investors can expect to do with it

In the past, investors have utilized Saxo Markets to do what Saxo has always done well and that's to trade a variety of financial instruments through worldwide exchanges. But, with Saxo's tech team launching the SaxoTraderGO service in the year 2020 many investors will be using it as a portfolio monitor and trading tool instead. 

Five years from now the majority of investors will utilize it only as a means to manage their investments rather than to trade them. In the end, the majority of companies are expected to enter or re-enter into the market of investment apps over the next five years to cater to these customers. What will result? An extremely competitive marketplace that sees all the major companies attempt to differentiate themselves by introducing innovative features, new platforms, and products. 

We expect the most important trend to see is the integration of crypto assets into portfolios instead of focusing exclusively on crypto. In the end, crypto is just one type of asset among the other available options; every prudent investor needs to consider the way that crypto assets can integrate into their overall strategy of investing before deciding to go into investing in cryptocurrency en large.

The impact of mobile trading software on mobile

Today, the majority of people carry an iPhone in their pockets at all times. This creates an increased demand for trading and investment tools that can be easily accessed on mobile devices. Saxo Markets has identified an possibility to let traders utilize their phones for instant access to pricing and trading. They plan to develop an interface that is simple and user-friendly, while also providing accurate live data at any time from any part of the world. If you're interested in knowing how trading online will evolve in 2022, keep an eye out for the launch of SaxoTraderGO. It's going to be groundbreaking!

In order to satisfy user needs, Saxo Markets intends to launch a revolutionary application named SaxoTraderGO in the first quarter of 2019. After the initial launch, customers will be able to control multiple accounts with one account ID. The software is fully integrated to desktop versions and comes with options like alerts and analysis of charts similar to those available on more expensive platforms such as Bloomberg as well as Interactive Brokers (IB). The advanced charting capabilities help you analyze market movements more efficiently than ever before, whether you're an experienced trader or are just beginning your journey!

Advantages of the use of an iPhone application

It'll be much simpler to trade since it doesn't require your hands. You'll be in a position to move your mouse around and glance at several charts simultaneously. It is possible to trade on a larger screen if you own an LCD TV or Plasma or another screen on your computer before you. You can also make use of the retina display and expand it, in the event that it is needed, for those who require greater precision. It is also perfect for travel as our platform doesn't need an Internet connection. 

All calculations are made locally. It's great for traders who have no experience in trading also; there is no reason not to get started learning how to trade. SaxoTraderGO will offer users an easy introduction to trading online. There'll be plenty of support available, but we will not pressure anyone to learn something they don't want to be aware of. With SaxoTraderGO we'll provide everything required to make trading online successful from the beginning - including access to live market data along with news and information feeds. Everything considered I believe that SaxoTraderGO is a great idea!

New features and services are available on the platform

With the launch of a brand newly developed SaxoTraderGO platform, we've introduced new features to improve your trading experience. Trades are processed faster through our brand innovative Real Time API connection, and you can anticipate more detailed analysis of your order book as well as more sophisticated charts and better webinars. We've also redesigned our commission structure to include three categories - Silver Platinum, and Gold. These categories will better align with our existing services and products. Saxo Bank expects to offer its customers more educational content , such as webinars, video guides and live classes on topics that are popular, such as analytical techniques or building strategies with artificial intelligence.