Important ! so it's quick and easy on how to buy and sell crypto on FTX.

Important ! so it's quick and easy on how to buy and sell crypto on FTX.

How to Sell Crypto on FTX How to Buy Crypto on FTX 1. Navigate to the Currency tab in your FTX account 2. Scroll down to Bitcoin and click Sell Bitcoin 3. Confirm your order details and make payment 4. Once your payment has been confirmed, your order will be matched with a buyer and completed within 24 hours of acceptance 5. Alternatively, you can also set up an automatic sell order for your crypto that you don't have to keep checking back with the platform every time prices fluctuate. How to Buy Crypto on FTX .

Step 1: Create your FTX account.

To buy or sell cryptocurrency, you'll need an account with our trading platform, FTX. With access to some of today's most popular cryptocurrencies through its peer-to-peer marketplace, you can exchange your local currency for Bitcoin or other coins like Ethereum and Ripple quickly and securely using multi-signature technology. 

(Make sure you create your account with at least $20—we charge a fee for new accounts). Make sure you sign up by September 10th at 4:00 p.m. PDT / 7:00 p.m. EDT! Our Early Bird bonus will be giving away even more free coins - plus, there'll be special promotions after that date, so make sure to stay tuned!

Step 2 – Deposit funds

Open an account at Coinbase (and link your bank account or credit card if you want instant buying power) and deposit some funds into your account. It's also possible to purchase Bitcoin using other altcoins, but we'll get into that later. 

For now, focus on depositing some fiat money onto your exchange of choice—there are many free online resources explaining how to do so for each business; enter buy Bitcoin with X into Google, where X is your desired currency. Step 3 – Buy Crypto: Now that you have some funds on your exchange of choice, it's time to buy some crypto!There are several types businesses out there. 

Some are geared towards more advanced traders, while others are better suited for beginners. The most popular site by far is Coinbase/GDAX because they allow anyone from beginners to buy their first coins through them and offer low fees and high liquidity. if you want to trade professionally, you may want to check out alternative platforms such as Kraken or Bittrex instead.

Step 3 – Buy your first cryptocurrency with your USD balance

To buy your first piece of cryptocurrency, you'll need an account with Coinbase (or another currency exchange). You can buy anything from $1 worth of Bitcoin up to $500,000 - whatever you're comfortable with investing. 

Step 4 – Transferring Cryptocurrency to FTX: Now that you've bought some CryptoCurrency, it's time to transfer it over to our trading platform so that you can start trading. Follow these steps: Step 5 – Start Trading! Once your Crypto Currency has been transferred over to our trading platform, it's time for you to start trading! Step 6 – Withdraw Your Profits: You have made some significant profits from trading Crypto Currency, but if you're looking to withdraw those profits back into USD, go to 'My Account and then click 'Withdraw'. Select Cryptocurrency if you would like to withdraw funds from (in most cases, it will be Bitcoin) and follow all of the instructions.

Step 4 – Transfer into BTC/ETH balance

You can quickly transfer your coins into BTC or ETH through Coinbase Pro or Binance. If you have bitcoin or Ethereum already, you can skip directly to step 6 (selling). Coinbase Pro:

Create an account by going here and filling out your personal information and linking your bank account.

Once that's done, click buy/sell at the top of your screen and buy either BTC or ETH.

Make sure you buy enough to cover all of your blogging costs!

Binance: Click here to register for a free account with Binance if you don't already have one. Once registered, navigate to Funds > Deposits Withdrawals in the top menu bar. Select Deposit next to Bitcoin or Ethereum and copy the provided address on this page.

Step 5: Buy and sell cryptocurrencies with your BTC/ETH balance.

Once you've decided which coins you want to buy or sell, click Place Buy Order (if you're going to buy) or Place Sell Order (if you're going to sell). You can place an order as low as 0.0001 BTC, which is equivalent to about USD 1 at writing! 

To learn more about what happens when you place an order, check out our Guide on Placing Orders. When your order is filled, your trade will be executed! If you bought bitcoin or another cryptocurrency, it would appear in your wallet after two confirmations. 

If you sold bitcoin or another cryptocurrency, it would appear as a withdrawal from your wallet once we have received payment. Step 6  Get paid by direct Deposit: For every dollar, you receive in cryptocurrency, we pay you one dollar via direct Deposit into your bank account. 

Direct Deposit is free and instant; no fees are ever charged for sending or receiving funds with us. Check out our Guide on Direct Deposit to learn more about getting paid via Direct Deposit.

Step 6 – Withdrawal of BTC/ETH balance

You can withdraw your BTC/ETH balance to your digital wallet whenever you would like, as long as it is at least.0005 BTC or .00001 ETH. This ensures that no hacker can send funds from your account without having access to either of these two wallets in whichever amount you set up initially. 

When withdrawing, please make sure that you enter an address for both wallets (In order of preference: Withdrawing Bitcoin, then Ethereum) so we know where to send your withdrawal. 

If there are insufficient funds in one purse, we'll immediately move them from one more purse to ensure that you don't shed any type of cash! If there are still inadequate funds after removaling from one more resource, we'll allow you understand instantly and ask if you desire us to maintain attempting up till all your cash is withdrawn effectively. 

Please keep in mind that our withdrawals take 10 mins to 1 hr, depending upon network web website traffic. We value your company and wish you appreciate utilizing FTXchange!