FTX's Brett Harrison talks about the future of options trading

FTX's Brett Harrison talks about the future of options trading
FTX's Brett Harrison

Amysite - By now, you are probably most familiar with options trading in the form of buying and calling on stocks, or selling them yourself to speculate on stock movements. But the options are much more flexible than that! Join FTX's Brett Harrison as he talks about how he expects options trading to change in the future, and how his company aims to capitalize on these changes by offering cheap, easy-to-use options trading to any investor with an internet connection.

Options Market Overview

The options market is a broad and complex market, with many different types of contracts available for trading. This can make it difficult to understand, especially for those who are new to the market. However, FTX's Brett Harrison believes that options trading will become more popular in the future.

He cites the recent growth in popularity of cryptocurrencies as an example of how quickly new markets can develop. Options trading provides a way for people to speculate on the value of a stock without having to actually buy stock in the company. It also offers protection against dramatic price swings while giving investors access to higher returns than they would from stocks alone.

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Options Trading In The Past

In the past, options trading was considered a risky investment. This is because you are betting on the stock price going up or down. If you guess wrong, you can lose all your money.

However, FTX's Brett Harrison believes that this is changing. He believes that options trading is becoming more popular and mainstream. This is because there are now more tools and resources available to help people make the right decisions.

Harrison believes that in the future, options trading will be more accessible to everyone. He thought that it would be offered by more brokers and there would be more education available on the matter.

This is good news for those interested in options trading. This means that there will be more opportunities to make money and less risk involved.

Where are we today and where are we going tomorrow

We are pleased to announce that we will be offering options trading in the near future! This has been something our team has worked hard on and we can't wait to offer this new service to our clients. The new assets will include a wide selection of stocks, ETFs, indices, commodities, currencies and volatility strategies for different time frames.

Maintaining a balance is important when investing your hard-earned money; After all you want to enjoy some profit from your investment while avoiding losses. Options are a great way to do just that by allowing you to hedge risk or take advantage of volatility opportunities without having to spend a lot of capital to deal with risk. 

Whether you are hedging a downward price movement or seeking profit opportunities through the appreciation/depreciation of stocks, ETFs, indices or commodities; there is a right strategy for every investor need in their portfolio

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How Advisors Can Get Involved

For many, the world of options trading is shrouded in mystery. Brett Harrison, CEO and founder of FTX, wants to change that. In a recent interview, Harrison talked about the future of options trading and how advisors can get involved. "One of the things we're doing right now is thinking about how we can offer options trading on our platform," he said. 

This can be an additional service for the client. He also discussed his company's focus on transparency, which they refer to as clarity. There are other brokers out there that are not transparent, he said. They have all these fees buried deep in their website with a disclaimer saying 'please don't sue us.' That's not what I want for my clients.

The Future For Options Trading?

Brett Harrison, CEO and founder of cryptocurrency derivatives exchange FTX, recently spoke about the possibility of offering options trading on his platform in the future. He said, although there is no concrete plan, his party and his team are definitely considering it. Options trading is a type of derivative in which the trader bets on the direction of movement of the underlying asset. 

For example, if you think Bitcoin will go up in value, you can buy call options. If you think it will go down, you can buy put options. Or, if you're really confident, you can even buy both! Offering options trading would be a great way for FTX to attract more users and become more popular. W

ho knows? Maybe in the near future we will be able to trade all types of assets with FTX, not just cryptocurrencies. And maybe we'll even see an ETF (exchange traded fund) listed on the site too!